More than a band, Albaluna is a concept. Through a multidisciplinary fusion between music, poetry, and dance, inspired by the ancient cultures of the Silk Road, emerges the originality of this project. Albaluna employ their passion for the History of Civilizations as a starting point for a sustained struggle against prejudice and intolerance between cultures.

The artistic dialogue expands around age-old conceptions and an unmasked modern approach. "A sextet which is musically at home any place in the world. They play yesterday's music and experiment through it the music of tomorrow." (Vogtland-Anzeiger | Germany | 2018)

Having celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2020 and with five records in their discography, the band embraces an already vast national and international curriculum, having performed in many European countries, as well as in Morocco, India and China.

In 2021 Albaluna will present their latest record Heptad, in a profound catharsis in which the band exposes an introspective journey inspired by the ancient cultures of the Silk Roads. An intense and boundless piece, where the band creates soundscapes with instruments originally from the geographic areas corresponding to the vast arms of the ancient Silk Road; dance paints, through the colours of the garments; and poetry gives voice to the feelings and reflections of this myriad of cultures.

Albaluna presents a combination of many concepts and musical styles: Iberian traditional music blends with soundscapes coming from distant lands, such as the Balkans or the Middle East, not forgetting the African rhythms, North European folk, and progressive rock. Using as many antique instruments from various parts of the world as modern instruments, the six musicians present an energetic show, full of distinct musical aromas, embracing multiple genres, such as world music, prog rock and metal, folk, medieval music, and fusion. The band’s concept is based on a permanent dialogue between ancient and contemporary music. The timbres pertaining to antique instruments, such as the bagpipes, the hurdy-gurdy or the medieval vielle, blended with those of present-day instruments, such as the drums and the electric bass, allow a vast range of sound which work together for a common purpose.

Albaluna harmonize their live show with what characterizes them the best: energy and sensibility. The ambiance of this intense onstage act is fuelled by the band’s own creativity and unending energy, along with the profound intimacy and introspection offered by some more peaceful moments. The performances are suitable for theatres, concert halls, and folk, rock, or generalist music festivals.

Albaluna were the first Portuguese band to be considered “International Show Of The Day” by Balcony TV in 2012 and, in 2018, they were nominated for the FolkHerbst folk music award in Germany. The same festival presented Albaluna as an answer to this question: “What music is there left to discover in Portugal besides Fado?".

In 2019 the band represented Portugal in Macao (China) with a concert at the Macao Cultural Central and with the participation, as soloist musicians, in that same festival’s orchestra, conducted by the well-renowned Chinese maestro Yan Huichang.

Albaluna’s performances, on both national and international grounds, reveal an already vast and rich artistic course.