El Mantel De Noa

Journey through the enchanted music of the world

Dreams, Shelters, Liberty...
Minds that float in the music form through dreamlike landscapes.
Wandering islands that travel here and there to return to us what we have lost, the emotion of the unknown, the smiles of friendship, the forgotten scents.
Islands of beauty and hope:
Wandering Islands

El Mantel de Noa, 7 years old, performed a great number of shows on stages and at the festivals all over Spain, with exceptional feedback from the audience attending the concerts.

The versatility of the musicians, who play together around 20 different musical instruments in their repertoire, as well as a thorough staging, distinguishes them with an attractive show for all those who come to listen to them: a special sensitivity, expertise for unusual instruments and a different look at ancient and world music. The journey is impregnated with scents and music from north to south and from east to west, with the rhythms and textures of the instruments provided by Pilar Gonzalvo and Miguel Ángel Fraile, two consolidated musicians on the Aragonese and national stage with more than thirty years of career.

After recording "Hilos de Aire" (“Threads of Air”) in 2015, they present their latest work "Islas Errantes" (“Wandering Islands”). Fourteen melodies composed and based on traditional tunes from different countries of the world, with special attention to the sounds of the Celtic harp and the duduk (Armenian clarinet), creating unrepeatable atmospheres.