MUVA is an immersive multisensory experience with its world-music of cinematic aesthetics, it takes us to the places we could have visited only in dreams; and through visual arts, invites us to travel as far as our imagination allows.

MUVA is an allegory of movement, of the synergy between sensations, experiences and memories. Its creator, Chatrán González after a life of travels to study, live and soak up the colors of other cultures and countries, says: “MUVA helped me to create synergies between friendships, talented creators and exceptional musicians, becoming an artistic platform and an interdisciplinary and collaborative project.".

MUVA combines in its composition atmospheres of many national cultures, surrounded by elements of rock, electronic, classical, tribal music from various cultures and jazz improvisations, but in environment that takes us back to feel like inside the scene of a movie. Cinematic music is conceptually arranged to enhance and frame emotions at specific moments within a movie scene as a soundtrack and, in this case, to frame images and scenes of our lives.

In MUVA, elements that rarely come together coexist. Sometimes you can find passages of classical music, interacting with tribal or pre-Hispanic percussions, or elements of electronic music, interacting with jazz improvisations and powerful guitars, characteristic of rock music. MUVA is an experience, a concept that has no protocols.

On stage, MUVA is also a visual concert, which plays with cinematographic images alluding to each particular theme and interacts directly with the music, leading the viewer not only to hear a concert, but to live an experience. The live performance is a multisensory experience, which generates emotions through visual narratives, based on themes and characters that can be literary, historical, mythological, etcetera.