UDU - is a music group of two nations, uniting the cultural heritage of Buryatia and Lithuania. Even though these two nations are very different and located so far away from each other, their ancient songs express a deep connection with nature. As the two melodies are joined into one, the music reaches their common “roots”. Throat singing is connecting with the Baltic songs of ancient times, when a man and nature were one.

“UDU” is one of the Sanskrit words for “Water”. And the sacred water of our earth connecting us all together. Our bodies are water vessels that carry the genetic codes of our ancestors. Folk song is a way to dive deeper into yourself, into your roots. What language does your soul sing?”

Their goal is not to identify or show similarities and differences of their nations; rather, it is to share their music composed from the heart that is very dear to them. They often sit down and look for similarities in the cultures, stories or song texts, which grow the respect for all nations of the world in our hearts and bring our ancestors closer to each other.

The members of the band are prominent and famous local artists, which met on the festival in Kazakhstan “The Spirit of Tengri”, and become a music family. Now they compose together, travel, share stories, visit each other late into the night and use music to escape from negative experiences.

The debut album of the band “UDU” was released internationally at the German label “CPL-Music” and spent several month in Transglobal World Music Charts and World Music Charts Europe, got a lot of positive feedback from the music media such as “Folker” magazine, “Songlines” and others, toured in France and performed at “Spirit of Eurasia” in Kazakhstan, and preparing themselves to show their music to wider audiences in the coming season.