Vedan Kolod

VEDAN KOLOD is a family world music band from Siberia, Russia. Born at the foothills of the Krasnoyarsk mountains, future Vedan Kolod members started singing with their grandparents when they were only 4 years old, so traditional music has always been a part of their life.

VEDAN KOLOD performs world music, created in Siberia. The group's repertoire includes original songs based on Old Russian language, authentic and folklore songs of Siberian settlers, myths and legends of Western Russia arranged by Tatyana Naryshkina, their own songs, old Russian texts, instrumental compositions and throat singing.

The band shows the musical culture of ancient and medieval Russia, when instrumental music was closely intertwined with the vocal tradition.

Drawing on ancient and medieval Slavic folk traditions, Vedan Kolod, since the year of formation, 2005, has released 8 albums, has attracted an impressive global cult following and toured extensively throughout Russia and Europe (Germany, Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, France, Malaysia etc.).

The band member, master Valery Naryshkin restores rare Slavic instruments such as the war horn, zhaleyka, bagpipes, drums, gusli, hurdy-gurdy and others, and these instruments all are being played at the performances.

Awards & Highlights:
nominated for Russian World Music Awards 2017 "Authentic"
nominated in FolkHerbst (Germany), 2016
nominated as The best Russian Folk band in NewsMuz charts, 2015
Ustuu-Huree, 2005 The Best Russian folk band"